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Air Quality

Electric utilities continue to face increasingly stringent emission reduction requirements. The Edwardsport IGCC Plant will reduce sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury and particulate emissions (PM-10) well below all federal standards.

Approximate conversion of NSPS lb/mwh (gross) to lb/MMBtu for SO2 and NOx. Actual SO2 emission rate will depend on type of coal burned. Rates for Edwardsport IGCC reflect preliminary expected performance with selective catalytic reduction equipment in service. Emission permit limits may be greater than that shown for operating margin.

The former 160-megawatt Edwardsport plant ran less than 30 percent of the time and emitted approximately 13,000 tons of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulates (PM-10) in an average year. The 618-megawatt IGCC plant, even running 100 percent of the time, would emit about 2,900 tons of these pollutants annually. The Edwardsport IGCC plant will substantially increase its baseload capacity while simultaneously reducing its environmental footprint.