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Water Quality

The Cliffside site currently withdraws approximately 420 cubic feet of water per second from the Broad River to cool power plant systems. The majority of this water is used to cool Cliffside units 1-4, which will be retired as a part of the site modernization. The new Cliffside Unit 6 and Cliffside Unit 5 will together require approximately 50 cubic feet per second from the Board River for cooling – approximately one-eighth of the current water withdrawal.

The new Cliffside unit, like Cliffside Unit 5, will also use “closed loop” cooling towers. This will greatly reduce the thermal impacts on the Broad River aquatic habitat.

There will be an increase in water evaporation from the plant site following the completion of the new unit – up from a current state of approximately 15 cubic feet per second to approximately 32 cubic feet per second.

Cliffside Past and Projected Water Withdrawal from Broad River

The Cliffside Modernization Project reduces water withdrawal from the Broad River, eliminates thermal impacts to Broad River, and substantially reduces fish impingement.