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Economic Benefits

The existing Cliffside Power Plant site is bisected by the Cleveland and Rutherford county lines.

Currently, Rutherford County receives $670,000 annually in property taxes from the plant, and Cleveland County receives $230,000 annually in property taxes. When units 1-4 (located in Cleveland County) are retired, the tax split between each county is expected to be approximately 55 percent for Cleveland County and 45 percent for Rutherford County for the 800-megawatt unit.

Given the potential investment of approximately $1.8 billion to modernize the Cliffside site, Rutherford and Cleveland counties will receive substantial economic benefits from the modernization project, in addition to more property taxes.

The following are some specifics:

  • The peak workforce during the construction is expected to exceed 1,600 workers.
  • Cliffside Unit 6 is expected to have a construction payroll of more than $100 million.
  • There are expected to be an additional 20 to 30 new full-time employees needed at Cliffside following the completion of the new unit.