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Delivering Natural Gas

Also known as methane, natural gas is colorless and odorless. Because it has no natural odor, Duke Energy adds a distinctive odor to natural gas as a safety measure so that you will be able to smell a gas leak.

Duke Energy distributes natural gas to more than 500,000 retail customers in Ohio and Northern Kentucky.


Commonly associated with a blue flame, clean-burning natural gas has many benefits.

  • It has significantly lower emissions than other fuel options.
  • Itís readily abundant in supply basins in the United States and Canada.
  • According to federal government statistics, the interstate pipeline system is the safest transportation system in the country.
  • Natural gas provides the energy to heat and cool your homes without harming your quality of life.


American household uses include cooking, water heating, home heating and cooling, gas-fired dryers, fireplaces and grills. Natural gas has extensive uses in industry as well, and has become a primary fuel for electricity generation in the United States. Increasingly, natural gas is being used in combination with other fuels to improve environmental performance and decrease pollution.


Natural gas is gathered, sometimes along with oil, by drilling into the Earthís crust where pockets of natural gas were trapped hundreds of millions of years ago. Once the gas is brought to the surface, it is refined to remove impurities, such as water, other gases and sand. Then it is transmitted, through pipelines that span the continent, to communities where it is processed and used as a valuable energy source.